Anyone for Tennis?

With the Wimbledon Championships beginning today, many people may be inspired to pick up a racket and hit a few balls! Tennis is the second most played racquet sport in the UK, with numbers often spiking during Wimbledon fortnight. And, as such, chiropractors will often also see an increase in tennis related injury bookings! Even the professionals need chiropractic treatment: did you see Andy Murray being treated with chiropractic midway through his third-round match against Italy’s Andreas Seppi a few years ago?

There will also be many people watching, whether lucky enough to have tournament tickets, or sitting on the sofa while taking advantage of TV coverage, sitting watching match after match, for hours on end, over the two weeks of the Championship.

Whether opting for the former, the latter, or maybe even a combination of the two, you should give your joints consideration at all times.

Following a few simple rules may help to avoid the need for a trip to the chiropractic clinic:

  • Good preparation is important.
  • Always warm up, stretch and cool down.
  • Start slow – Like with any sport it is not a great idea to start from a low level of fitness and attempt to push yourself too hard. It can cause injury and pain to your body, so you should instead take it easy and work your fitness up slowly.
  • Good technique and practices will help prevent injury (you may even benefit from seeking instruction from a qualified coach to develop correct skills and techniques) – common injuries include: tennis elbow, Achilles rupture, back pain, hamstring/groin strain.
  • Avoid over-repetition of any one type of shot. Practise a range of tennis strokes including groundstrokes, serves, return of serves, overhead smashes and volleys.
  • Listen to your body – It’s no good playing through too much pain. You’re not competing for a big title, you’re just playing socially with friends and if your body is telling you that your back hurts, then your back hurts. Listen to it and take a break when it does.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Don’t sit in one position for more than 30-40 minutes at a time.
  • Get up and move around when you take a break to give your body a complete change of position and shake out any stiffness – time for the strawberries and cream perhaps.
  • Make sure that you are sat straight on to the TV and not at an angle, and do not slouch!

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