We’re reassured by a noticeboard full of testimonials written by our patients, so we assume we must be doing something right! We very much hope that, if you choose us to help you, you too will be satisfied with what we can offer. We always strive to improve our service and do better than we have before.

Thank you all for helping me through a difficult time and putting me on the road to recovery. I will miss my visits.

CLN, Farnborough

The wonderful team at the clinic have helped me so much, my neck and back are so much better, and the exercises have helped with my general well-being. Everyone should see a chiropractor!


FD, Aldershot

Very professional service. Problem identified straight away and cured within a few visits. I now have free neck movement.

CB, Farnham

I never imagined waking up without backache, but with all your hard work, you’ve done it!! Thank you so much.

LE, Bowlhead Green

I sing your praises to everyone – you make a huge difference to my well-being, at a time when I was beginning to give up hope. Thank you so very much.

PG, Churt

Thank you for getting me on the right road to recovery and pain free movement with treatment and prescribed exercises – I do them nearly everyday!

SL, Farnham

I sing your praises to everyone – you made a huge difference to my wellbeing at a time when I was beginning to give up hope. Thank you so very much, Mike.

PG, Churt

No more painkillers, no more headaches. Thank you Mike. You’re a star!!!

NC, Puttenham

I have been coming to the clinic for many years and the treatment I have received has always been professional, kind and informative but, most importantly, successful!

MP, Elstead

The treatment I have with Heather is always 1st Class and the staff here are the same – brilliant place to come.

SW, Guildford

Extremely helpful, useful and lovely people – excellent work and service.

BB, Guildford

Thank you Mike for curing all aches and pains, you are amazing.


KK, Aldershot

My sister introduced me to Mike’s practice over two years ago and I’m so pain free now. BZ, Mike.

WA, Farnham

Thank you so much for all you have done, and are doing for me. You have worked miracles already and to be pain free most of the time is amazing. I really appreciate all you are doing for me.

GH, Godalming

Polite staff at desk, can’t praise Mike and Sarah enough – always pleasant and helpful. Thank you all.

MH, Church Crookham

Thank you to Mike, Jenny and, of course, Charli; you have helped me feel a lot better in my own self, after a difficult period.

DF, Tilford

My first appointment with Sarah included a thorough examination and remedy treatment. Further sessions (with exercise homework!) have restored my back health. Thank you so much.

EK, Godalming

Thank you for your warmth and cheerfulness when I wasn’t feeling 100%. Charli, thank you for keeping me up to date with my appointments. Mike, thank you for all your hard work.

SW, Guildford

So, after two weeks in bed, I couldn’t put my foot to the floor without unbelievable pain, my neighbour recommended Mike. After the first assesment I knew he was going to help me, sadly with backs it’s usually painkillers, from nhs, but my health comes first. Truth to tell, Mike, has got me back on my feet, he has been fantastic, I can’t speak highly enough, about the treatment I received, the kindness that was shown to me, Mike and the receptionists have been fabulous. If you’re suffering with pain, go and see Mike, he is a very sincere man and he will help you.

MN, Godalming

Highly recommended, I have been using Mike for a number of year. He keeps my back in working order.

NS, Guildford

I was in a lot of pain before coming to see Mike, after starting the course of treatment I feel so much better, Thank you !

I would highly recommend this treatment.

EK, Aldershot

I first saw Mike in November 2013 with a severely twisted spine due to numerous sports injuries. I was in pain for so many years I accepted that it was for the rest of my life. Thank you Mike, I can now move my neck and head to drive and I can bend forwards with much greater comfort. I am sleeping much better and suffering from far fewer heacaches. The treatment has exceeded my greatest expectations!!


MR, Coldharbour

As far as I am concerned, Mike is a miracle worker! I played tennis last evening and for the first time in 10 years I could actually run, pain-free, to many shots. I cannot thank and praise him highly enough.

JR, Farnham

Thanks to you I have had a year of no back pain! I tell all my patients about you who come in to hospital with back pain and have tried everything else!

NW, Tilford

Very impressed with my reflexology session with Heather – lovely lady!

GC, Clanfield

When I started the treatment I was finding it difficult to drive the car or walk up Guildford High Street – 2 months later I was on a 4 hour walk up a volcano! Pain free. It’s been worth every penny and the time spent attending. Genuinely life changing.

JN, Guildford

The treatment I have received from both Chris and Mike has been first class. Having a stressful job with long hours was causing muscle tension leading to discomfort and pain. Now that I have had a few sessions, these tensions I have experienced are all gone and I feel rejuvenated!! Many thanks!

KD, Aldershot

I’m on the last leg of my treatment – and feel miles better! No neck/shoulder pain now! Looking forward to getting back into running again now I’m almost completely fixed!! Thank you!!!

LM, Bordon

I always feel like I leave walking a little taller.

NK, Elstead

After back treatment with Mike, I always feel I walk a little taller. Hip and shoulder treatment, they feel freer and less painful with the acupuncture and manipulation.

-SC, Alton

I started using this chiropractic clinic over a year ago – and now my dad and my brother come too. The whole team are fab!

LD, Guildford

Delighted to see lots of new people joining you and delighted with the success of your business.

PH, Elstead

Jesus Hands! I came in unable to walk and left able to! What more can I say?

II, Guildford

Mike, wonderful treatment – everyone so nice – I am now “sorted”!! Thank you.

SS, Elstead

Mike, just a thank you for the treatment yesterday – what a difference you make and am vastly more comfortable after your stellar treatment.

GA, Crondall

I am very grateful to Mike. Many thanks forever as now I can lie on my side (right) as I had pain there for 10 years!


MK, Haslemere

Mike has been working on my back for a couple of weeks. He has been brilliant with a variety of treatment options. The flexibility around children attending has made being able to keep my appointments so much easier. Really recommend this very friendly practice. Thank you to all of you xx

EA, Ash Vale

My mum was having trouble with her back and then Sarah Smith helped her.

XF, Surrey

Mike is an expert in what he does, he made me feel like a new person. Thank you Mike for helping me.

DB, Billingshurst

Many thanks for such successful treatment.

CW, Farnborough

Suffered chronic back pain, worsened by hoovering and sweeping etc. Doctors not much good, Mike brilliant! Fixed me right up, thanks to all the team for all you do!

FD, Aldershot

I have been coming here for treatment for my back and hips since last year (2018) Mike has been brilliant. He has helped me so much I will always come bac here when I need to. Big thanks to Mike who has helped me alot.

M.W. Aldershot

Several years ago I slipped on the stairs and put my pelvis out. Mike was very successful in returning my pelvis to its correct position … I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike Stockbridge to anyone needing chiropractic treatment.

JGC, Wonersh

If you’re sitting here for the first time feeling a little skeptical – so was I. Mike has worked absolute wonders on my shoulder and neck injury that had troubled me for years. In less than 3 months I’m pain free and back to normal physical activity – AMAZING!!!

CS, Tongham

I came to Mike in a lot of pain but with hard work and following his advice as well as seeing the course through I now feel so much better. Money well spend. It takes years to damage your body so it takes a while to fix. Many thanks Mike for all you have done.


CC, Farnham

Thank you Mike!!! I can drive, fly, basically sit for long periods of time without pain!! Also great and friendly team 🙂

DR, Godalming

Thanks for the treatments over the last 12 months.  It’s made a great difference to my life. I can now enjoy playing football pain-free and like the above also enjoy my hobby of flying without discomfort in my back. A big thanks to the rest of your great team too.

AC, Wimbledon

After 5 days of neck pain and headache, I’m completely back to normal after 1 session with Mike.

NW, Tilford

Didn’t believe it would help; so many years of pain – neck – back – hips. Already lower back has improved and neck too! Just brilliant, look foward to next session.

AT, Churt

Excellent service and treatment – from ringing for the first appointment until now – a year later.

CW, Farnborough

I have reflexology with Heather and she and her treatments are truly amazing. I have recommended lots of friends to the Practice. I met Heather at G Live on an open day and never looked back!

SW, Guildford

Mike must be good. I’ve driven all the way from Somerset! Love his sense of humour, along with his treatments.

GG, Somerset

Started coming here in 2012. Results have been fantastic. I now come once every 3 months and it encourages me to look after things between appointments. Thanks Mike, for the years of keeping me working.

CC, Guildford

Sarah, thank you so much for all you have been doing for us all. You have worked miracles! Your kindness and treatment is extremely beneficial.

GH & MH, Godalming

Thanks for all your help and advice for my treatment on and off over the years.

SB, Farnham

Mike fills me with confidence. Friendly – very experienced. Made a huge improvement – would recommend him to anyone.

RE, Farncombe

I was having trouble even tying my shoelaces before Mike treated me. The difference is amazing. Thank you.

BB, Guildford

Sarah really helped me with my back, after only the first treatment it felt so much better. Really recommend!


KD, Guildford

Thank you for being so good at what you do. 12/10

WG & DG, Bisley

Thank you so much to all the team, you have changed my life around completely at a time when I really needed help.

JS, Farnborough

What a fantastic clinic, not only friendly but thorough and concise. The treatment is working wonderfully

CDB, Farnborough

Absolutely fantastic staff. Mike sorted out my creaking body and happy to say no problems since!

A.K. Milford

I thought that I’d let you know that the treatments that you gave to my wife and myself today have both made a real difference to each of us.
My soreness at the top of my legs close to both the new hips has eased to a level I have not had since the operations and my wife’s neck, she says, feels much better than for a very long time.
We’ll be back for more when we can!!
M.P. Puttenham