How to Use Aromatherapy For Anxiety Relief

Aromatherapy can be used for anxiety relief; essential oils are very effective in the treatment of anxiety and assist in relaxing the mind.

It’s normal to feel a little anxious when encountering life’s upsets, such as family or work problems. Anxiety becomes a problem only when it is excessive and long-term and can result in many physical symptoms such as muscle fatigue, digestive problems, headaches and migraine, allergies, insomnia and heart disease.

Aromatherapy can help calm and soothe your nerves. Some recommended essential oils for anxiety are:

* Chamomile: has a calm and soothing effect on an emotional level, helping to relieve stress, depression, and irritability.
* Petitgrain: calms anger and panic
* Ylang ylang: calms adrenaline flow and relaxes the nervous system. It eases feelings of anger, shock, panic and fear.

People who suffer from anxiety usually work to a very high level of expectation. Learn to accept that no one is perfect. When things get on top of you, step back from the moment and try to laugh and smile. Treat yourself to an aromatic bath and call us on 01252 703633 to book in with our Aromatherapist, Heather, to benefit from its relaxing benefits.

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