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Mike Stockbridge is registered and a recommended Chiropractor.

Please read here and find some of our patients testimonials and reviews, enjoy your reading!!

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I came to Mike in a lot of pain but with hard work and following his advice as well as seeing the course through I now feel so much better. Money well spend. It takes years to damage your body so it takes a while to fix. Many thanks Mike for all you have done.


So, after two weeks in bed, I couldn't put my foot to the floor without unbelievable pain, my neighbour recommended Mike. After the first assesment I knew he was going to help me, sadly with backs it's usually painkillers, from nhs, but my health comes first. Truth to tell, Mike, has got me back on my feet, he has been fantastic, I can't speak highly enough, about the treatment I received, the kindness that was shown to me, Mike and the receptionists have been fabulous. If you're suffering with pain, go and see Mike, he is a very sincere man and he will help you.

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